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ReadItNow! Updated to Version 5.0

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We got word today that ReadItNow! has been updated to version 5.0, giving it a complete UI rehaul and a BlackBerry 10 native look. The app is available for download in BlackBerry World for $1.99. Check out a few of the new features that were added.


With ReadItNow! users can sync up all their favorite news sites and view them at any time from their BlackBerry 10 device or BlackBerry PlayBook. With an active internet connection, you can open your saved websites in the integrated web browser and can add new content from within the app itself. Share content with all your friends via Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, or email. You can also store articles on your Evernote or Springpad account.


New to version 5.0:

  • Switched to BB10 native look and feel
  • Improved performance of user interface
  • Bugfix: adding links from inside the app
  • Several other bugfixes and improvments

Download ReadItNow! and let me know what you think in the comments below!


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