More RIM acquisition news is beginning to seep out, as BGR reports that RIM has actively sought it to be acquired by Samsung. We’ve previously heard Amazon took interest into RIM, but its offer was swiftly turned down. There have been recent rumors that suggest RIM has been weighing its options with licensing the BlackBerry 10 software to 3rd parties.

The report claims RIM is looking for a full sale at a price range of somewhere between $12 Billion or $15 Billion. That is approximately $22.90 and $28.60 per share. Although, it is reported that RIM’s asking prices hasn’t been too well received given RIM’s market cap is roughly $8.5 Billion.

What would you think of Samsung purchasing RIM? We could see the utilization of QNX and BlackBerry 10 being a strategic move in Samsung products. If RIM can secure a nearly doubled purchase price than book value, should they go for it? Given how late in 2012 we’re hearing new products should be releasing, we can only imagine RIM shareholders will begin getting quite antsy.

via BGR