RIM has announced some new changes in a BlackBerry World pricing. They will be updating British Pound, Euro first and then other currencies to reflect updated currency exchange rates and VAT requirements. What this means is developers will be able to sell their apps at a lower price, changing the lowest tier for UK from £1.00 to £0.75 and from  €0.99 to  €0.89 for Euros. All other currencies will be announced before they are changed. Check out the announcement below for more information.


In preparation for launch of BlackBerry 10, we will be starting the first wave of our planned pricing update in BlackBerry World. This first wave will update the British Pound (GPB) and Euro (EUR) currencies. Shortly after we will be rolling out updates to other currencies and will be informing you in advance of those changes.

This price tier update includes updated currency exchange rates and VAT requirements. These updates will help to position your content items to be more competitive and attractive to customers in the UK and Eurozone markets. The goal of this adjustment is to ensure prices are in line with currency fluctuations and ensure content within BlackBerry World is competitive.
The price change is completely automatic and will not impact the availability of your content items to customers. You are not required to take any action.

So what does this mean for the customer?
Currently, the lowest tier in the UK is £1.00. Once the price tier changes are implemented, the lowest tier will be £0.75. For Euros the tier will vary by country. For example, in France the current lowest tier is €0.99. With the pricing tier changes, the new lowest tier will be €0.89.
Should you like to adjust the price tier for your content items in a given country you can freely do so within the BlackBerry World Vendor Portal at any time.

Please note that if you make any changes to the pricing of your content items there will be a delay of up to 24 hours until the prices appear.