Rumor: Apple May Purchase BlackBerry


Another day, another BlackBerry buyout rumor. This time around it seems as though Apple is the new “interested” party. Grab a few grains of salt for what is probably the biggest rumor you’ll hear all week.

Yahoo Finance reported today that there are rumors circulating that Apple may be interested in a buyout of BlackBerry. There’s not really much ground to stand on in regards to this rumor, other than Yahoo stating, “While the current rumors have not yet been confirmed or negated by either BlackBerry or Apple, we are still speculating on the possibility of a merger.”

I suppose a well crafted argument could be made for BlackBerry being acquired by Apple; the thousands of patents that BlackBerry owns are tempting no matter who you are. However, this doesn’t seem to be a step that Apple is likely to make.

Whatever the case may be, BBRY stock saw a 6% bump today, with this strange rumor as the cause.

We’ll keep our noses to the ground and update all of you should we hear anything else about this rumor. For now, I’d love to hear what you guys think of this in the comments below!

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6 months 13 days ago

Blackberry is a great buy for Apple to bolster their security and work space offering [services]. Anyways, its just another rumor. It may be complete bull.

6 months 13 days ago

I don’t think I think so.

6 months 13 days ago

Just to speculate wildly… would Apple buy it and operate it as another brand? Or just milk the good stuff and throw away the bones? Would people buy Blackberrys in droves with an Apple logo on them?

6 months 13 days ago

Apple usually likes to absorb companies they purchase and make them part of their company as opposed to letting them be on their own and just reap the profits of it. Beats is a perfect example of that. Doubt BlackBerry would let themselves be bought out though.

6 months 13 days ago

Article is a day late – 6% bump was Monday. Today the stock was down.

6 months 13 days ago

If Apple wants BlackBerry it would have bought already when BlackBerry put itself on market. If consumers start to push Apple for very secure device, maybe Apple might consider buy Berry since Berry has the top-notch security.