You probably already know S4BB, they’re responsible for many, many apps and games we’ve all used. Among these are Camera Scanner, Easy Smiley Pack, Screen Shot app, Theme and many, many more. What you probably didn’t know is that “many more” translates to over 47,000 apps. Yes, you read that right. Almost 50 thousand apps from a single developer.

Of course, they couldn’t possibly build 47,000+ apps and make every single one of them amazing. Most of these are audiobooks, city guides and other similar apps that aren’t really good. One wonders, how could a single developer publish that many apps? It’s too bad that not all 47,000 are top quality apps, but at least they a couple that are definitely worth checking out and buying.

Check out all of S4BB’s apps and let us know which you have used and which is your favorite.