Scream Queens Season 3 Spoilers

Scream Queens Season 3 News and Updates: Who’s Returning for Scream Queens Season3?

While any confirmation that Scream Queens Season 3 is even happening isn’t likely to come anytime soon, Scream Queens remains popular and is thus inclined to get yet another renewal.

This is despite the continued plummeting of the show’s rating during its second season.


With that said, fans can expect most of the show’s original cast from Season 1 to return for its third season — which includes the Chanels, the Red Devil, and maybe even Hester and Dr. Brock Holt, as well as all the others.

For now, however, Scream Queens fans will just have to wait a little while longer.

Scream Queens Season 3 Might Still Be Happening

Despite persistent rumors that says Scream Queens Season 3 won’t be happening, there now seems a flicker of hope that might be enough for fans to hold on to either until the show’s third season becomes a reality, or until that flicker of hope eventually fades away.

For one, Scream Queens’ official Twitter account hasn’t really stopped tweeting even after what is mostly thought to be the show’s last and final episode has been aired.

In fact, the account has been very much active just a few days ago on New Year’s Day.

Next is the second season’s ending. During the episode’s last scene, the Red Devil was seen at the back of Chanel’s car. This likely means Grace will be making a comeback in Scream Queens Season 3, and that Chanel is faced with an imminent threat in which we have no idea how she’ll get out of — a scene that doesn’t really seem fitting for an ending.

Finally, there are still way too much questions left unanswered, and Chanel’s moving to another place can only mean that the show is once again changing locations.

For now, however, fans can only relive all the horror throughout Scream Queens’ two seasons by watching them once more on Fox — and then hope against hope that Scream Queens Season 3 will come sooner rather than later.

Is Scream Queens Season 3 Happening?

Scream Queens Season 2 didn’t end with an unlikely ending without bringing fans to edge of their seats — with Hester running away with her unlikely lover, Zayday and Chanel No. 5 running the hospital, and Chanel hosting Lovin’ the C.

But is Scream Queens Season 3 even happening?

While rumors suggest that the continuing plunge of the show’s rating is indicative that it’s unlikely for Scream Queens to be renewed for a third season — the ending of the show that featured the Red Devil inside Chanel’s car might be the perfect scene to stage a possible sequel.

The producers of the show are yet to comment on the matter, but the fact that the show’s main characters have already gone their separate ways during the show’s ending suggests that even if the show did continue on to Season 3, the probability that the show will focus on the same group of characters is getting more and more unlikely.