BlackBerry 10 smartphone sales are rumored to be substantially low in North America. The BlackBerry Q10, which was thought to be the company’s savior device, has allegedly failed.

New rumors suggest that T-Mobile is no longer going to risk overstock inventory and will be removing BlackBerry 10 smartphones from its store shelves. Apparently, the decision has been made due to poor sales.

“My manager told me the other day that all blackberry 10 devices will now be only available via direct ship. I work at a corporate store in Cleveland I have to go check the Email but I’m not sure if this has just affected NorthEast Ohio,” claims an alleged T-Mobile employee.

Other claimed T-Mobile employees have come forward to “confirm” the news. It’s quite disheartening news, if found true, considering BlackBerry 10 devices have only been to market for less than a year.

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Source: CB Forums