BBM for Android and iPhone Updates Now Available

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Since the release of BBM, millions of users have downloaded the application and are currently using it on their iPhone and Android devices. BlackBerry has been actively working on making

Mobidia Reveals Insights Into Usage of BBM for Android, iOS


Mobidia Technology, Inc., a provider of mobile analytics, today released new insight into mobile usage of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) application for Android. Mobidia’s data demonstrates BlackBerry’s success in entering the stand-alone, social

BBM Chat Widget for Android


BlackBerry has a very cool BBM Chat Widget for Android devices, accessible on the apps page in the ‘Widgets’ Tab. You can jump in and out of conversations right from

Dev Modifies BBM to Run Twice on Android (Video)


Many have wondered if taking the recently launched Android APK and converting it to a compatible BlackBerry 10 .BAR file would allow you to run a secondary account. However, that

BBM for iPhone vs Android vs BlackBerry 10 (Video)


BBM for iPhone and Android are now officially available. BlackBerry has seen a tremendous success, with officially announcing over 10 million downloads in the first 24hrs. At the current moment,