BlackBerry Lists Why BBM is Safe from Apple’s iMessage Spam


Apple’s proprietary messenger iMessage is reportedly suffering spam messages, according to Wired. “Apple’s iMessage is being taken over by spammers,” apparently with Apple doing little to help it stop. This has led

IBM Partners With BlackBerry for BES10 Hosting in EMEA


Despite the media frenzy surrounding the Apple/IBM alliance, new information regarding BES10 hosting has shed some light on another side of the equation. IBM’s German subsidiary will be one of

BlackBerry Comments on Apple, IBM Enterprise Partnership


Yesterday, it was announced that IBM and Apple will form a comprehensive enterprise mobility partnership, where Apple and IBM plan to develop 100+ “industry-specific enterprise solutions,” including new iPhone and iPad

BlackBerry 10 vs Apple iOS 8 in Enterprise


BlackBerry is back with another fact check article. This time, it is shows BlackBerry 10 versus Apple’s iOS 8 in the enterprise sector. BlackBerry says: “BlackBerry will remain the device