Max Safe Browser Now Available for BlackBerry 10


Max Secure Software has just launched Max Safe Browser for BlackBerry 10. It’s a full featured browser that provides enhanced security for its users and a superior browsing experience. It

Runtastic Pro Now Available for BlackBerry 10


One of the best fitness apps has now made it’s way to BlackBerry 10. The developers of Runtastic PRO have ported the application and is now available for the BlackBerry

BlackBerry Beat Android for 2nd Spot in Canada?


Coming up on June 28th, BlackBerry will announce their Q1 results. Estimates as to the success of BlackBerry 10 have been equally mixed. The results of Q1 are essential for

BlackBerry 10.2 SDK Beta Now Available


BlackBerry promised that by June the BlackBerry 10.2 SDK Beta would be available. Today is that day with the updates including additions to the BlackBerry 10 Native SDK  and both the Android and Adobe AIR run-times.