• BBM-7-Voice

    Here’s the Deal with BBM 7 for BlackBerry OS 4.5 and Above

    Previously, we reported that BBM 7 was available for BlackBerry devices running OS 4.5 and above. Turns out, it wasn’t quite available just yet. We’ve had quite a few people asking where it’s available. Here’s an official statement from RIM: “Thanks for your interest in BBM 7, which is...
  • BBM-Voice-7

    BBM 7 Now Available for BlackBerry OS 4.5 and Above

    A while back RIM released the new BBM 7 with BBM Voice and tons of cool new features. Sadly, not all BlackBerry users were able to use it since it was only available for OS 6 and OS 7. But not anymore, users under OS 4.5 or OS 5...
  • BBM-7-Voice

    How to Use Voice Chat in BBM Version 7

    With BBM Voice you have the freedom to chat with your BBM friends the way you want. Type or talk – you choose. For those moments that are too big for text – too exciting, too complex, or urgent – now BBM has voice. You can call BBM contacts straight from BBM...
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    Voice Chat for Free Over Wi-Fi in BBM Version 7

    Research In Motion has just announced BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) will now feature a new service called BBM Voice. This new feature comes coupled in the new BBM version 7 release. “BBM is the quick, easy way to stay connected to the people that matter to you, and with today’s...