BlackBerry 10 Screen Resolution Comparison


When BlackBerry first made the announcement of BlackBerry 10, they clarified a unified screen resolution for future devices. BlackBerry planned to make 720p the standard among its BlackBerry 10 fleet.

1080p vs 720p on BlackBerry 10


Most smartphone OEMs have already moved to a 1080p standard a few years ago. BlackBerry and Apple are the only two prominent smartphone manufacturers that have yet to make a smartphone

BlackBerry 10 vs Apple iOS 8 in Enterprise


BlackBerry is back with another fact check article. This time, it is shows BlackBerry 10 versus Apple’s iOS 8 in the enterprise sector. BlackBerry says: “BlackBerry will remain the device

Bharucha & Partners Choose BlackBerry 10 and BES10


Bharucha & Partners, one of India’s leading full service law firms, has upgraded its mobile fleet to BlackBerry 10 smartphones and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platform to BlackBerry Enterprise Service

Viira 5.4 Released for BlackBerry 10


Karta Mobile let us know that they have released version 5.4 of their popular BlackBerry 10 app Viira. Viira now offers an optional, cloud-based sync between Microsoft Outlook and Viira for BlackBerry 10. Viira is

Tazzle iT Now Available For BlackBerry 10


Send photos and files with a few clicks directly from your smartphone, Dropbox, or BlackBerry Link’s Remote File Access, to any nearby Windows PC. Tazzle iT lets you share and print without