BlackBerry 10 Browser

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    How to Change Default Search Engine on BlackBerry 10 Browser

    Just got a BlackBerry 10 device? You’ll likely want to use your favorite search engine in the browser. Changing the default search engine in BlackBerry 10 is much easier than any other legacy BlackBerry. Step 1 Open the browser. In the entry field begin typing what...
  • blackberry-10-browser

    Browser Tests: BlackBerry 10 vs iOS 6 vs Windows Phone 8

    Research In Motion has diligently been working hard to make sure BlackBerry 10’s browser is the best in market. We first saw a significant leap in performance with PlayBook OS 2.0. Be prepared to have BB10’s browser be cracking fast. Check out the videos below to see BlackBerry 10’s...
  • matthew-staikos

    Interview: Torch Mobile Founder, Matthew Staikos

    While at BlackBerry Jam Americas  we had the opportunity to sit down with Torch Mobile browser founder, Matthew Staikos. BlackBerry users would not have the amazing native browser they do today if it weren’t for Torch Mobile. Check out our interview below to see how they’ve been diligently working...