BlackBerry World and Bridge Receive Updates


BlackBerry has released updates to BlackBerry World for BB10 and the Bridge app for PlayBook. The new update to Bridge brings the ability to “view incoming Phone Call Notifications on


BlackBerry Bridge App Updated to


ResearchIn Motion has pushed out BlackBerry Bridge app version today. This update includes bug fixes for text messages and pairing. What’s new in v2.1: View and respond to text


BlackBerry Bridge Updated to


Earlier today it was rumored that BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 update was supposed to dropped on October 3rd. BlackBerry Bridge has now received an update, which shows signs of the

FAQs & How-To

How To Connect My BlackBerry PlayBook and Smartphone Manually


1. From the home screen, touch Settings. 2. Touch BlackBerry Bridge. 3. Touch Setup. 4. Enter a name for your PlayBook and touch Next. 5. Touch Continue. 6. On your BlackBerry smartphone, open the BlackBerry Bridge application. 7. In the BlackBerry Bridge drop-down


BlackBerry Bridge Updated to Version


A new version of BlackBerry Bridge has been released and is available for download from App World. The new version brings the following fixes: Fixes issue where BlackBerry Bridge is disabled after BlackBerry


BlackBerry Bridge Updated to v.

bridge update 20030

This is an interesting development; it appears we have an update for BlackBerry Bridge on deck. The change log notes this is to fix an issue with predictive text on


BlackBerry Bridge Updated to


Research In Motion pushed out an update to BlackBerry Bridge. The new update lacks a changelog, but it will put you at version Usually, when we see an update


Review: BlackBerry Remote in Bridge 2.0

EdShot (Wed 14 Mar 2012 12.26.25 AM)

During the Pre-OS 2.0 era, you could view all your email from your BlackBerry smartphone on your PlayBook using the BlackBerry Bridge feature. To most, this wasn’t enough, but the