WhatsApp Updated with Passport Support


Passport users will be happy to hear that WhatsApp has been updated to support their device. The new update is available in BlackBerry World, so go check to see if

Skype Adds Passport Support


Skype has been updated in BlackBerry World with a few bug fixes and support for the BlackBerry Passport. Version 5.0.507.54461 is now available for download. You should have received a notification

DownTube Final v1.5 Released in BlackBerry World


S4BB Limited recently released DownTube version 1.5 in BlackBerry World. DownTube lets you watch YouTube, Metacafe and Vimeo videos without having to wait for it to load. The app does a

How To Migrate BlackBerry World Music to 7digital


BlackBerry has removed the Music and Video sections within BlackBerry World. To access your content that you’ve previously purchased you’ll have to migrate your music over to the new standalone

DevTools Available Now in BlackBerry World


What is DevTools? Probably the best java script terminal in BlackBerry World. Geared toward developers and students, DevTools can be used to test java script code which could be used