• Bluetooth 5

    Bluetooth 5 Specs: It Will Offer Extended Range and Faster Transfer Speeds

    The Bluetooth wireless standard is getting an update to Bluetooth 5, and will bring improvements to range and transfer speeds between devices. Mark Powell, the Executive Director of Bluetooth SIG, announced in a blog post that the Bluetooth Wireless standard will soon be update to version 5.0. The last...
  • iclever-f33-05

    Review: iClever IC-F33 Bluetooth FM Transmitter

    If you have an old car without bluetooth or AUX and you wish you’d be able to listen to music from your phone in your car, then FM transmitters are a solution. We reviewed the iClever IC-F33, a cool FM transmitter that also has bluetooth. These are our thoughts:...
  • iClever-IC-BTH02-03

    Review: iClever IC-BTH02 Bluetooth Headphones

    When it comes to headphones, I always look at two thing: comfort and sound quality. There are so many headphones out there and sometimes it’s hard to make a decision. That’s where reviews come in, and we have reviewed the iClever IC-BTH02 bluetooth headphones. The iClever IC-BTH02 are sports...
  • iClever-IC-BTT01-02

    Review: iClever IC-BTT01 Bluetooth Audio Transmitter

    I’ve been testing out the iClever IC-BTT01 for a couple of days now and I think many are gonna find it very useful. This bluetooth audio transmitter lets you connect any media player, be it an old iPod, MP3 player or laptop to any bluetooth sound device. Imagine you...