Data Compression

  • blackberry-10-os

    BlackBerry 10 Data Compression Compared to iOS and Android

    Data compression may soon become obsolete on mobile devices. It has diminished for personal data on BlackBerry 10. Below is a comparison of BlackBerry 10 to iOS, Android, and legacy BlackBerry devices.     BlackBerry OS 7 and earlier BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook 4G iOS and Android BES 5...
  • BlackBerry 10-1

    BlackBerry 10 No Longer Compresses Personal Data

    Data consumption each month is ever increasing. Luckily, the cost per MB of data is decreasing. BlackBerry has been known to compress data to effectively save its users in the long run. This has all changed with the introduction of BlackBerry 10. Personal data is no longer compressed. However,...