Texture Compression and GPUs on BlackBerry 10


BlackBerry has just published some very important information about GPU and texture compression on BlackBerry 10. There are two different GPUs available for the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone: Imagination GPU and

VisionMobile Developer Economics Survey 2013


VisionMobile has launched a Developer Economics Survey focusing on the best practices for tools, services and API that developers use to build apps. RIM is one of the gold sponsors

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha A vs Dev Alpha B


Many developers have been wondering how the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha A differs from the new Dev Alpha B. Aside from the external cosmetic changes, RIM says the internal components

The Story Behind BlackBerry 10 Screen Resolutions


BlackBerry 10 is going to be a revolution in terms of Research in Motion’s BlackBerry smartphones: new platform, new developer tools, new user interface, and pretty much new everything else. The new