BlackBerry OS 10.3.1 Native SDK Goes Gold


Some great news for developers coming from BlackBerry today, as the company has officially published their gold 10.3.1 native SDK ahead of the BlackBerry Classic and OS 10.3.1 launch next

BlackBerry OS Device Simulator Updated to

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 7.49.53 PM

BlackBerry has dropped its latest OS 10.3 device simulator over at the DevZone. These simulators are obviously geared towards developers to be able to test their apps with the new

BlackBerry Jam Direct Scheduled for June 24th

Blackberry Style Lounge

If you’re a BlackBerry developer, then this is good news for you. A new BlackBerry Jam Developer event has been scheduled for June 24th and will be about BlackBerry 10.3. Developers

Clearing Up The BlackBerry 10.3 vs 10.3.1 Update Confusion


BlackBerry’s release of their 10.3 SDK this morning brought a lot of attention to the Classic, and future BlackBerry 10 updates to the community, while unfortunately including a little bit