• battlefield 1

    Battlefield 1 Official Trailer Released

    The moment Battlefield fans have been waiting for has finally arrived, EA DICE have officially announced their upcoming World War 1 based shooter ‘Battlefield 1’. The announcement came in the form of a cinematic in-engine trailer you can watch below. Over the last week or so there was some...
  • Star Wars: Battlefront DLC Update

    Star Wars Battlefront DLC Update: New Map And Features Added

    Battlefront Gets New Hoth Map, Missions And Features Star Wars: Battlefront keeps giving fans a reason to continue to play their game. Just a few days ago, they released an update that adds a few features to the popular game. The best part about the update is that it is completely...
  • Star Wars Battlefront DLC Hoth

    Star Wars: Battlefront DLC Will Be Released Today

    Battlefront DLC To Include New Maps, Outfits And Game Modes Finally, Star Wars: Battlefront is going to be getting some brand new content. EA and DICE announced earlier today that the Battlefront DLC is going to be added today, Wednesday the 27th. The best part about the update? The...
  • Star Wars Battlefront DLC Update

    Star Wars Battlefront DLC and Updates – PS4 and Xbox One Gamers Wait For Battlefront DLC

    DLC On Its Way For “Star Wars: Battlefront” An update seems necessary after the release of “Star Wars: Battlefront” was a little rocky. Fans expected a game loaded with content for both online and offline play. However, the initial game focused on online maps, and fans believed that game...
  • star wars battlefront feature

    Star Wars Battlefront Review for PC 2015

    As a thick tree crashed in front of me, I was deafened by the sound of blasters, TIE fighters, and explosions all around me. Running up the tree to escape the crossfire, I noticed an Ewok quickly flee into his home, terrified to make contact with me. Then before...
  • Capture

    Google Play Sale Has EA and Chillingo Games for $0.10

    Been a while since you got hooked up to a cool game on your phone? Google Play has a pretty nice deal, with awesome games from EA and Chilling available for just $0.10 each. Among the games you will find Dead Space, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Contre Jour,...