Top 5 BlackBerry 10 Enterprise Security Features


BlackBerry 10 made a paradigm shift with its latest handsets which was not only sleek in design but also came with a much better user interface and greater security. BlackBerry

The Genius of BlackBerry’s Project Ion


According to Alec Saunders, VP of QNX Cloud at BlackBerry, the world of networks, the Internet, and the interconnectivity of everything are at a tipping point. During BlackBerry Experience: New

Project Ion: What it Means for BlackBerry and Us


Surely by now you’ve heard about the” cloud”.  To most, it’s some magical thing that stores and processes information for our convenience (and for a company’s profit).  Sure, Dropbox stores

BlackBerry Working on Video Chat for eBBM


John Sims, global enterprises services head of BlackBerry, recently stated in a round table discussion that the company has plans to bring video chat to it’s enterprise focused version of