Review: Cubix Craziness Guaranteed


When I received an email about CubiX I was perplexed as to what could make a seemingly simple game so fun and challenging. Lauded as ‘craziness guaranteed,’ CubiX is a

Unity Now Fully Support BlackBerry 10


Unity Technologies has announced that the BlackBerry add-on for Unity Pro is now available, for free. What does this mean? Now, any Unity developer can port their 2D and 3D

Download this Android App: Squiggle Racer


I came across this little game the other day via a recommendation and decided to give it a download. I was intrigued by the 8-bit graphics and wanted to see

Dungeon Hunter 4 Now Available for BlackBerry 10


Gameloft has finally released on of their most famous games, Dungeon Hunter 4 for BlackBerry 10 devices. Dungeon Hunter is an awesome RPG game where you go on an epic adventure