BlackBerry 10 Maps vs Google Maps


BlackBerry 10 features a completely new maps application. The new BlackBerry 10 Maps features a 2D view and turn-by-turn navigation. We test the BlackBerry 10 Maps against Google Maps for

Maps Plus for BlackBerry 10 Released


Sandsoft has let us know that they have launched their popular Maps Plus app for BlackBerry. The application uses Google Maps API and has been developed for BlackBerry 10. These

Google Might Try to Hurt BlackBerry 10


Recently, Microsoft has been pretty public in their distaste for Google. Windows Phone users have allegedly been purposely blocked from using Google Maps, and having a standalone YouTube app. Google

GPS Maps Using Google Maps for BlackBerry Updated


Skylab Mobilesystems lets us know they’ve released an update for GPS Maps using Google Maps for BlackBerry Smartphone and PlayBook. The new update improves the overall performance of the application and fixes reported