BlackBerry X10 N-Series Will Launch on January 30th


We’ve known that the L-Series will be unveiled at the BlackBerry 10 launch events world-wide. However, rumors had previously pinned the BlackBerry X10 N-Series to launch sometime in June 2013.

BlackBerry Z10 L-Series Battery Life


We’ve received the full spec sheet for the BlackBerry Z10 L-Series. More specifically for the GSM variants. A lot of it is already known, and has been speculated nearly spot-on.

Want 4G LTE? Don’t Get the BlackBerry 10 London


Research In Motion will have four variants of the BlackBerry 10 L-Series. This is likely to handle to different carrier network frequencies around the world. The four L-Series include: London,

BlackBerry Z10 Hits the FCC with ATT-capable LTE


RIM’s BlackBerry 10 unveiling is nearly 30 days away. To make sure the product they’ll be unveiling is legal, it’s been approved by the FCC. Model number RFF91LW consists of AT&T’s LTE

BlackBerry 10 L-Series in All its Glory!


The design of the L-Series smartphone is no secret anymore.  Nevertheless, we won’t hesitate to show our readers the latest leaked image of the device. We’ve stumbled across a beautiful