T-Mobile: All EDGE Markets To Be LTE By Mid-2015


T-Mobile is making big claims for 2015, as it’s promising all of its EDGE/2G markets will be converted to LTE by midyear. The announcement comes on the one year anniversary

Want 4G LTE? Don’t Get the BlackBerry 10 London


Research In Motion will have four variants of the BlackBerry 10 L-Series. This is likely to handle to different carrier network frequencies around the world. The four L-Series include: London,

One Global LTE BlackBerry 10 Phone is the Future


Sebastien Marineau, the senior vice president of BlackBerry OS, didn’t only divulge how BlackBerry 10 is superior in security. Additionally, in the interview with TechRadar, Sebastien discussed how RIM is

Review: 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook


After more than a year, and amid the drama, speculation and buzz surrounding BlackBerry 10, Research in Motion has rather silently delivered on their promise of a 4G BlackBerry PlayBook.  Putting