Phone Calls

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    Making and Receiving Calls on BlackBerry 10

    BlackBerry 10 features an entirely new UI for making and receiving phone calls. If you have social networks linked to your device it will pull those contacts avatars automatically to display when they call. See what making and receiving phone calls on BlackBerry 10 looks like in the video...
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    5 Things You May Not Have Known About the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha

    Siri-like Voice Commands Despite disappearing with the latest update, the Dev Alpha had a Siri-like voice command system in place.  It was not complete by any means, but it did seem to have support for updating Twitter and Facebook statuses, and messages contacts.  None of the functions worked, but...
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    How To Make Phone Calls from BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha

    Developers just recently received the BlackBerry 10 Developer prototype if they attended the BlackBerry 10 Jam conference in Orlando, Florida. The Dev Alpha has a modified PlayBook OS, but currently has no phone or messaging functionality. Although, the resources are there, the front-end has been closed by RIM. That...