Review: BlackBerry Express Beta


Being in the scientific community makes it necessary to make presentations.  I probably make one every couple weeks, relying on my PC to get a PowerPoint done and present my

Review: Photogram for Instagram


Since Instagram refuses to make a BlackBerry 10 app (pffft! dumb move) us BlackBerry users have to seek other alternatives, and there some pretty good ones; not all are great

We go hands on with Tilt for BlackBerry 10

featured tilt(1)

Tilt landed in BlackBerry World yesterday and it brings a ship-full of potential into the BB10 harbor. Utilizing the devices gyroscope the app is able to reveal  contextual information using

QuickPost for BlackBerry 10 Review


QuickPost (QP)  is one of those apps that you don’t know you’re missing out on. If you’re entrenched in various social networks like FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and BBM, this app

BlackBerry 10: Past, Present and Future


BlackBerry 10 is probably the most controversial mobile platform out there today. People love to have an opinion of this company, especially the media.  Heralded by some as the generation of mobile,

Review: iTranslator PRO for BlackBerry 10


When you’re constantly searching online, reading news, checking Twitter or other social networks then you’ve probably come across something you wanted to read, but was in a language you don’t