BlackBerry Sells Its Office Buildings In Texas


BlackBerry has sold its Las Colinas, TX office campus this week officially after marketing the property to potential buyers for months. The property was purchased by Canadian investor Brookfield Property

BlackBerry Hiring Media Sales Team for BBM Channels


BlackBerry recruiter Duncan Evemy has tweeted that the company is officially hiring a Media Sales Team that will be in charge of marketing and advertising the upcoming BBM Channels social

BlackBerry PlayBook Outsells Apple iPad in the UK


According to Context, a british electronics distribution specialist, RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook has outsold the latest version of Apple’s iPad for the last two months of the past 2012. Though not

BlackBerry Sales in Indonesia Not Slowing Down


Indonesia’s love for BlackBerry is not slowing down! BlackBerry users have only been increasing and they are expected to rise with operators competition and deals. Telkomsel, the biggest mobile phone