Why The Healthcare Industry Needs BES


Earlier this week, Community Health Systems, Inc. reported that they were the victim of a cyber attack that led to the personal data of 4.5 million customers being stolen. This

Project Ion: What it Means for BlackBerry and Us


Surely by now you’ve heard about the” cloud”.  To most, it’s some magical thing that stores and processes information for our convenience (and for a company’s profit).  Sure, Dropbox stores

BlackBerry Awarded Two Govies for Security


BlackBerry has been given two awards for security. The Govies is an Government Security award given to companies with the best security provided in products to federal, state and local

Security Is BBM’s Top Priority

BBM with ads

Security and privacy are at the forefront of everyone’s discussions with regards to any type of tech nowadays. Recent reports of security breaches and flaws that have affected countless companies