• qwerty_touch_x10_z10

    The BlackBerry 10 Civil War: QWERTY X10 vs Full-Touch Z10!

    The past week has revealed quite a few leaks on the upcoming QWERTY BlackBerry 10 smartphone, a refreshing change from the multitude of images we’ve seen of the full-touch BlackBerry 10 smartphone.  Now that it’s pretty much unofficially confirmed how both smartphones will look like, which one will you...
  • BlackBerry-X10

    BlackBerry X10 (N-Series) First Live Photo

    We previously saw the first look at BlackBerry 10 N-Series from a promo video. We’ve since learned this device’s market name will be known as BlackBerry X10. Now, the above photo is claimed to be the BlackBerry X10. At least, it is a photo of the back-side of the...