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    BlackBerry 10’s Android App Porting Conundrum

    BlackBerry 10 has a very unique feature, unlike any other operating system. It allows for the open source Android JVM, which lets Android apps effectively operate within BlackBerry 10. BlackBerry has made it extremely easy to port Android apps to BlackBerry 10. They’ve made it almost too easy. This...
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    Could BlackBerry 10 Boost Zynga, Glu Mobile, and More?

    There is a reported 70% of current BlackBerry subscribers who plan to make the switch to BlackBerry 10. If true, that could mean a near instantaneous subscriber base of nearly 60 million to BlackBerry 10. Even a mere 50% switch over rate would be some pretty impressive numbers. What...
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    Quick Look: Sketch with Friends for BlackBerry PlayBook (Video) – a HIGHLY Addictive Game!

    Currently, there is a very popular title among iOS and Android users called ‘Draw Something’. The game is a type of pictionary or charades with images. Xlabz Technologies have created a similar experience, but made it multiplayer with users who you might not know personally. Whereas, Draw Something is usually with...