Many early BlackBerry Passport adopters have only been of the black variant. Though, that hasn’t all been by choice. BlackBerry intends to release a white BlackBerry Passport in the future.

Until now, the black variant is all that’s available for purchase. That hasn’t stopped BlackBerry from showing off the white Passport.

India recently saw the launch of the BlackBerry Passport in the country and held their own launch event. As announced, customers in India can get the black variant of the Passport today for Rs 49,990.

However, a new hands-on video of a white Passport has surfaced, which was likely taken from the event in India. We finally get our first look at the “great white” beast on video.

Thus far, we’ve heard that the white Passport is expected to become available in November. Nevertheless, check it out in the video above and let us know if you’ve been holding out for the white variant.

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