BlackBerry has publicly stated many times that it would bring BBM support to any operating system that had a large enough user base when it first started with iOS and Android. Windows Phone, arguably the third largest mobile OS, is still being given the cold shoulder by BlackBerry so far in 2014, however. According to David Proulx, senior director of BBM business development, in an interview with TrustedReviews, this lack of support “is entirely market-driven.” Basically saying when Windows Phone gets big enough, we’ll make an app for it. We’ve already known this stance since BBM’s multi-platform launch announcement, but it’s interesting to see their opinion still hasn’t changed in the new year.

Back on September 9th, before BBM for Android and iOS even came out, we asked you guys if Windows Phone should get its own BBM app, and 85% of the over 1,200 votes said yes. So, why isn’t there one yet? Could it be sour grapes from BlackBerry’s part because Microsoft beat them in the third place race? We may never find out, but hopefully they change their mind soon. Windows Phone is growing, and giving them an app that supports that OS would garner a lot of support from its community. Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, and a few other messaging apps don’t support WP either, so beating them to the punch could help BBM’s userbase grow even more.

Should BlackBerry just release a Windows Phone app already? Sound off below.