Recent Young and Restless spoilers reveal that fans of the long-running soap are in for A LOT of drama in the coming episodes

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Dylan’s Exit Sparks Hope for an Adam Comeback

As fans prepare for Dylan’s impending exit from The Young and the Restless , it looks like the character’s tragedy may have sparked new hope for a comeback by Adam Newman.

While the show’s producers have long ruled out any comeback by Adam, many wonder if the recent changes on the show may have somehow driven a change of heart in the Y&R show runners.


This, however, still remains to be seen — and it looks like for now, fans can only relish Dylan’s last moments on the show.

Right Before He Exits, Dylan Cheats on Sharon

The latest The Young and the Restless spoilers indicate Steve Burton’s Dylan will be headed for the door soon, but his exit on the show doesn’t seem like it’s going to be without any controversy.

Dylan, who was sent out to an urgent under cover mission, seems to be prepared to do everything he needs to do in order to get the job done — including cheating on Sharon.

Sharon, on the other hand, will be so dead worried about Dylan that she would storm Paul’s office to demand information about her husband’s whereabouts — and to beg that she be allowed to talk to him.

Meanwhile, a fight starts between Jill and Victoria after the motives of the former has been called into question. Jill will try her very best to defend herself, but it looks like her best won’t be good enough to convince Victoria.

Will Devon Survive Injuries?

The latest The Young and the Restless spoilers indicate that Hilary is feeling guilty as hell for being inadvertently responsible for Devon’s unfortunate fate — and it looks like Lily wants to make her feel exactly just that by warning her that if Devon doesn’t survive the ordeal, Hilary is to be blamed for everything.

Devon will be undergoing an important surgery for an internal bleeding, and the risk that he might not make it might be high.

Meanwhile, Sharon and Dylan face new problems due to a dangerous assignment that the latter has just accepted. Sharon wants him to reject the assignment and stay with her at home instead, but it looks like Dylan’s mind has long been made up and he is ready to go.

Victor, on the other hand, will receive information about Reed’s arrival and will start wondering about how something fishy seems to be going on.

Jack Defends Billy

The latest The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that despite the seemingly unceasing tension between them, Jack will stand up to defend Billy when the latter finds himself in hot water during the upcoming episodes of Y&R.

But while Jack’s action seems to signal that the brothers are now finally ready to leave everything behind and start a new beginning, it looks like forgiveness is still something that Jack will need to work on.

Meanwhile, Dylan will find himself struggling to cope with the new rules that Nick has laid down regarding Christian, and his struggle might eventually affect his relationship with Sharon.

Nick, on the other hand, will find his bond with Chelsea grow even stronger.

Nick and Dylan’s Conflict Drags On, Faith Disappears?

Recent The Young and the Restless spoilers suggest the conflict between Nick and Dylan over Christian is still far from over and it appears that something that’s about to happen will make things even worse.

According to reports, Nick, Dylan, and Sharon will all be under one roof during the show’s upcoming episode to watch a play that Faith is a part of.

Tensions rise towards the end of Faith’s play, and as the conflict escalates between the adults, Faith seemed to have had enough, screamed, and later on took off.

Once everyone realizes she’s missing, they’ll all be desperate to find her.

As Gloria returns to Genoa City for Christmas, everyone else in the show seem to have some type of conflict over each other.

Billy, however, is determined to keep the Abbott Christmas unaffected by all the ongoing dissensions.

Devon Ditches Hilary for Mariah

Recent The Young and the Restless spoilers hint that Devon might not have only ditched Mariah professionally, he might also have dumped her romantically.

While seeing Mariah take her place in the very company that Devon technically bought for her is nothing short of heartbreaking for Hilary, it appears that her job isn’t the only thing that she is bound to lose to Mariah.

If rumors actually hold true, the hottest new couple in The Young and the Restless is none other than Devon and Mariah.

But if this is actually the case, it’s not likely for Hilary to just give up everything to Mariah without putting up a good fight now, is it?

The upcoming episodes of Y&R for this week are definitely exciting. Stay tuned to find out what happens next.

Will Nick Lose His Child Again?

The latest The Young and the Restless spoilers suggest Nick fears he might lose his son again after Christian undergoes a medical crisis.

It appears that Christian is allergic to strawberries, and after having eaten some, rashes have started to appear and he started to have a hard time breathing.

The problem is, Nick was unaware of Christian’s allergies, and he has been fighting so hard to keep Sharon and Dylan out of the child’s life that he failed to see how they might know about important life-saving details such as this about Christian.

Sharon and Dylan, on the other hand, might use this medical emergency as a chance for them to convince the court to allow them visitation rights to Christian.

But will Nick finally think that his child also needs the parents he had known all his life? Or will he stand his ground?

Nikki Forced to Choose Between Two Sons

Latest The Young and the Restless spoilers suggest that Nikki will be forced to choose between Dylan and Nick, but she will refuse to do so no matter the consequences.

According to reports, Victor believes Nick does not owe Dylan anything, and that Dylan deserves what he’s been getting.

But their mother, Nikki, refuses to take sides — despite the fact that she knew Dylan stood by his wife even after finding out that the baby (Christian) wasn’t theirs.

Sharon, on the other hand, will find an ally that she never expected.

Will the judge finally grant Dylan visitation rights? Watch the latest episodes of The Young and the Restless to find out.