Before BlackBerry announced their Q4 FY13 earnings, the company announced an investor had put in a purchase order for 1 million BlackBerry 10 devices.

This wasn’t devices sold directly to consumers. Nor, was it for one specific BlackBerry 10 device. Companies rarely list actual devices sold, directly to the consumer. Usually, you’ll hear terms like ‘shipped’, which just means an order to the carriers.

New Century on Seeking Alpha estimates that a total of 1 million BlackBerry Z10s have been sold directly to consumers in US and Canada.

This estimate is derived from “sales figure based on BlackBerry’s subscriber base and a recent analysis published by Chitika, which tracks mobile ad impressions on mobile operating systems.”

Sell-through of the BlackBerry Z10 seems to be going very well for such a new platform. Do you think these estimates are spot-on, slightly lower, or higher? Let us know in the comments.