Halloween has always been a unique holiday. From scary movies to joyful kids out trying to score candy, this is one crazy fun day. If you are lucky enough to own a BlackBerry 10 device you would come to find that there are a lot of fun apps and movies to  download from BlackBerry World.  Whether you have a Q10 ,Z10 , Q5 or the beautiful Z30 let your awesome new device be your official partner this October 31st. Below you can find my top 10 recommendations!









1)Plants Vs Zombies – EA’s extremely popular title has been available for BlackBerry since the PlayBook. With a very fun storyline and awesome zombies who besides being slimy and scary looking are also extremely polite. I absolutely love this game and I ‘m hoping that EA bring the PvZ2 to the platform as well

You can download PvZ Here








2) Ghostbusters – One of the best movies I have seen ever. Who wouldn’t want to be able to pull on those nuclear powered guns and be able to catch ghosts?? Its a fun movie to sit on the couch with family fire up some popcorn and have a blast!

You can download Ghostbusters The Movie Here









3) Thriller by Michael Jackson – There should never be a Halloween where this song isn’t played. I remember watching the video and seeing a young Michael Jackson go through some really scary dancing moves!  Definitely one of the best pop songs ever!

You can download Thriller by Michael Jackson Here








4)Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden: I have to say one of the weirdest game I ‘ve played on my phone. So you wife goes missing and you have to go through the dark abyss of the ocean to find her. A lot of supernatural , chilling secrets and an epic battle with hidden evil forces. This is a Built for BlackBerry application so you can expect excellence!

You can download Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden Here

The exorcist







5)The Exorcist : This is by far the scariest movie I have ever seen. Unfortunately I saw this film when I was very young and It still freaks me out. If you want a scary night this is the movie for you. PS paranormal activity seemed like a comedy to me after this

You can download The Exorcist Here








6)Halloween Themes : This is a cool app with over 30 themes all in Hd !! Nothing much to explain here just an awesome app to make your BlackBerry10 look even more spookier !

You can download Halloween Theme Here








7)Scary Shot: Scary photo:  This is a great application to scare your friends. I actually found out the hard way about this when my wife asked me to take a pic and a scary video popped out of no where. A very handy app to have on Halloween


You can download Scary Shot : Scary photo Here









8)GhostCam : This is a very fun app. Take pictures of your friends , pets or family and turn them into ghosts. Very simple and very fun. I find myself using this more and more and fooling my friends has been a breeze!

You can download GhostCam Here








9)Despicable Me: Minion Rush : The most fun game in BlackBerry World! Who doesn’t want to  me one of those awesome looking tiny minions right? Continuing on their strong support for BlackBerry 10 , Gameloft brings yet another awesome title to us. Awesome gameplay, fun story line , awesome characters and a must have

You can download Despicable Me: Minion Rush Here








10)Skype : With the new and much improved user interface the app is so much easier to use. I don’t the have the pleasure to live close to all my family and Skype helps us all get on a video call and let’s me see my nieces and nephews and their awesome costumes. I have alot of respect for the app and I appreciate the continued support they have shown BB10

You can download Skype Preview Here