The naysayers of BlackBerry are certainly in full force. The recently announced Q1 2014 earnings report surely gave them more fuel to the fire. In a recent editorial by eWeek, writer Don Reisinger looks to prove why BlackBerry 10 has been a failure. Reisinger gives the following ten reasons:

  • The Marketing Was All Wrong
  • The Q10 Showed a Lack of Progress
  • The Z10 Wasn’t Special Enough
  • Blame It On the Apps
  • The Software Isn’t Impressive
  • The Enterprise Doesn’t Care
  • Consumers Really Don’t Care
  • The Apple Effect Is Too Strong
  • A Single Company Can’t Win on Its Own

It’s quite a hilarious set of reasons. Though, I must admit I do agree with one point: marketing. BlackBerry has yet again failed to successfully market the new products…properly.

Sure, we have the whole “Keep Moving” thing and that odd deal with Alicia Keys, but aside from carrier-own advertising that’s it. The SuperBowl commercial looked as though BlackBerry would take the bulls by the horn. Instead, it just seems like wasted money. Did anyone really get intrigued to learn more about BlackBerry 10 when they’re not told anything at all? Consumers are a lazy bunch and need to be told what to buy. Not guessing, “Should I Google BlackBerry 10 and see ‘IF’ it’s cool?”

Nonetheless, the remaining reasons Reisinger gives only raise some immediate flags of ignorance. Throwing the Q10 under the bus as ‘lacking progress’ shows he doesn’t understand BlackBerry, or its users. There is still many customers who enjoy the physical keyboard. BlackBerry wasn’t even going to make a BlackBerry 10 device with a physical keyboard, but they understood there was still the niche market and demand.

The software isn’t impressive? The last time I checked, BlackBerry 10 was an evolution of QNX, which has been used by NASA and many other points that require zero failure. Reisinger believes the BlackBerry 10 operating system to be “run-of-the-mill”. Suppose he didn’t read the recent reports that iOS 7 (and all iterations before it) was already jailbroken before its release. If my memory serves me, I don’t believe BlackBerry 10 has yet to be jailbroken. Now, who’s “run-of-the-mill”?

It’s not Apple that BlackBerry should fear. It is Android. The “Apple effect” might have it at the #2 spot, but Android is still ruling leader. With Android rapidly penetrating emerging markets, they’re only solidifying their position. Thus, vastly taking more and more marketshare from all other mobile platforms.


Many of the reasons can be exposed as completely erroneous, I need not say more or wasted effort at nonsense. If you’re interested in reading Reisinger’s further explanation for each point, you can do so here.