We previously saw Forbes list their 5 ways BlackBerry 10 will beat the iPhone. Seeking Alpha is now putting forth their 10 reasons BlackBerry 10 will save Research In Motion:

1. 80 million subscribers – Research in Motion, Ltd is reported as having 80 million subscribers. These subscribers have used RIM and its services despite being promised a new smartphone previously and being disappointed; 80 million subscribers who are still around and loyal to RIM. Apple lost its loyalty through its planned obsolescence and as reported here. Anecdotally, the reporter spoke to a master electrician and small business owner, who was thrilled to know that Blackberry had a new smartphone. The master electrician said “thank you for letting me know, I have an upgrade on my plan and I was a heavy user of Blackberry back in the day.” RIM is also present in emerging markets, where it can compete effectively as the newcomer on the block. There is a reason Apple was speaking to China Mobile.

You can’t buy consumer loyalty. RIM does not need too.

2. Secure e-mail – BlackBerry is reported as having secure e-mail servers. If you ever wondered if your handheld device was secure, well, BlackBerry is touted as having some of the best security in mobile cellular technology.

3. Dual Profiles or a Business Telephone with a Secret Identity – BlackBerry 10 is reported to have the ability to have a profile for work and personal profile. These profiles are not accessible to each other and will run separately. Thus, a BlackBerry 10 user may use their telephone for work-related purposes and still have a personal profile separate from their work life.

4. Early Release of BlackBerry 10 to “Influencers” – RIM has early released BlackBerry 10 to “influencers,” i.e. people who are likely to influence their organizations or others to purchase the telephone. RIM has a great marketing idea here, really who does not want to have the newest cool gadget before anyone else could get it.

5. Innovative OS – a.) a Digital Keyboard that Learns From Your Mistakes – the BlackBerry 10 has a virtual keyboard that learns how you strike the keys and assist you in typing. Everyone, well nearly everyone, is not able to touch type with both hands on a cellular telephone keyboard as a computer keyboard. So, mistakes are common. RIM thought ahead and designed software to help you. b.) Multiple Windows Open at Once with Social Media Just a Slide Away – the BlackBerry 10 is reported as having the ability to run at least (4) open windows which can then be brought to the foreground. The BlackBerry 10 is reported as having the ability to run a window and with the slide of the finger expose social media, such as e-mail, Twitter, and Facebook along the margin of the screen which show messages received and allow for access to said applications.


7. VISA approved Blackberry 10’s NFC or “electronic wallet” – the BlackBerry 10 is reported that it may support use of NFC to use your VISA card to pay for items.

8. Target marketing to Business and Government – RIM may be targeting business users of telephones as well as government where theenhanced features such as pre-approved government security and as stated above should sell well. If so, then RIM likely has an edge with business and government users when compared to an Apple iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S III. Business and government users want security, ease of use, functionality, and ability to communicate, which Blackberry 10 appears to offer. Business and government users are not as much looking for the entertainment and other functions present in iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III.

9. Reported Able to Communicate to iOS and Android environments– the BlackBerry 10 is reported to be able to communicate with the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III which may mean that beyond a hardware win that RIM may likewise have a software win, and perhaps software market.

10. QWERTY Physical keyboard model too – The BlackBerry received its name from the QWERTY physical keyboard. Users of BlackBerry were lightning fast using the keyboard. Many, many people would like a return to this physical keyboard. Having traveled in Southeast Asia, the reporter will state that Southeast Asians like to text, a lot. Said reporter has seen the speed at which older models of cellular telephones are used to generate lengthy text messages. Imagine a new BlackBerry 10 with a full QWERTY physical keyboard. Maybe the QWERTY keyboard is old school, but it is an old school which this reporter believes will sell.

RIM has very likely winner in the BlackBerry 10 because it has loyal customers to sell to who will likely upgrade, new features which allow it to penetrate business and government markets relatively untouched by iPhone and Android, and have software advances regarding security, managing iOS and Android software along with a VISA pre-approved NFC payment option. RIM is likely to surprise everyone.

It is really nice to see these publications list ways BlackBerry 10 is going to beat this phone or it will be a success for this reason. Let us know in the comments if you agree with these 10 reasons.