BlackBerry’s BBM team teased us with a preview of what’s to come for BBM on iPhone and Android in 2014. They also shared with the world a little bit about what’s to come for the BlackBerry 10 side of BBM as well, specially in the emoticon department.

As we know, BlackBerry held a contest on their Facebook page asking for ideas for future emoticons. To be honest, I thought they’d add maybe four or five to the mix after it was all said and done. It turns out, BBM will be introducing 100 new emoticons next year. Included in those 100, we assume, are the ones pictured above, that were posted on the BBM blog. A rolling on the floor laughing, a facepalm, a two thumbs down, and a sympathetic hug (which I totally asked for, by the way) are some of the new faces we can expect when the calendar turns to 2014.

Emoticons may seem like no big deal, but that contest on Facebook blew up with suggestions. People are passionate about their emoticons, and BBM is going to reward them for it. Which ones are you expecting to see next year? Let us know in the comments!