The BlackBerry PlayBook has reportedly sold out in India. With retailers Ingram and Redington saying they’ve sold 12,000 PlayBooks in 4 days. “This limited festive offer has propelled a huge surge in PlayBook purchases in the last few days. We have sold over 12,000 PlayBooks across the country within these four days of the offer period, which ended on December 31, 2011,” said both distributors.

Due to the surge in sales, RIM looks to extend the sale in India by another week. “We are pleased to see the excitement and overwhelming response to our limited festive season offer on BlackBerry PlayBook. I believe that the 16-GB and 32-GB version of the PlayBook is completely sold out in the retail channels,” said RIM India Managing Director Sunil Dutt. “”BlackBerry continues to be an aspirational brand and we have seen a huge uptake in the market across the country for PlayBook during this offer period.”

RIM slashed the PlayBook’s price by more than 50% around many parts of the world. In India, the PlayBook went from its regular price of Rs 27,990 to Rs 13,490. Prices for 32GB and 64GB versions now cost Rs 15,990 and Rs 24,490, respectively. If you’re interested in a PlayBook, be on the look out as RIM should be sending more supply to retailers in India this week.

via SB