iSuppli has taken the new BlackBerry Torch and stripped it down to its guts. Here they examined each piece of the dissembled Torch to find out how much each part may have cost. Thus getting an overall estimated parts cost of $171.05 with an additional manufacturing cost of $12, which brings the final production cost to $183.

The production of the BlackBerry Torch costs slightly less than the iPhone 4 ($185), but is still more than the HTC EVO ($165). You would think that the Torch wouldn’t cost so much to produce considering the hardware specs aren’t anything close to the EVO.

Analysts at RBC Capital Markets and Stifel Nicolaus have pegged the total opening weekend sales of the Torch to be 150,000. The iPhone4 sold roughly 1.4 million its opening weekend. However, the iPhone 4 was on 9 different carriers. That is roughly an average of 156,000 iPhone 4’s sold on each carrier. 150,000 isn’t too poor of a number for Torch sales considering it is only on AT&T, for now. What do you think, is 150,000 units sold in an opening weekend bad or good?

via WSJ