According to Alejandro Salomon, the new popular Blackberry ninja, that has been leaking many videos of upcoming devices, had this to say:

1) Blackberry Essex:
a 3G/CDMA/WiFi new version of the already released Blackberry Tour.
Aside from the WiFi it comes with a Trackpad and a little “extra
surprise” that I bet you’ll love.

2) Blackberry 9100 A.K.A. Striker:
one is a 3G + Trackpad blackberry pearl. Aside from those two new and
nice new features, its slimmer than the upcoming 9700 (Bold 2) which
will give the phone that sexier look.

3) Blackberry Curve 8530:
Just like the already released 8520, this one is just a curve, but for CDMA carriers. Expect it to be announced really soon.

it for now, and unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of them, but
I’m working on it. As soon as I get pics, you guys will be the first
ones to know.

Also, rumor has it that RIM is releasing 16 new phones in 2010.

 It will be pretty interesting to see the next line-up of Blackberry devices. We already know of a few other codenames (i.e. Blackhawk) and when others get leaked we will be sure to let you know.