BlackBerry may not have the same nostalgia it once had, but that won’t stop someone from punching a 16yr old girl in the face for one. At around 5.40pm, a 16yr old girl in the UK was approached in the underpass which links Hazeley School and Oakhill, passing under H5 Portway.

The girl fell to the ground as the offender stole her BlackBerry. Luckily, the girl didn’t need immediate medical attention and only suffered bruising to her face and a cut lip.

The latest BlackBerry thief is a white male, around 17-years-old, 5ft 8ins, of a slim build, with short brown hair and a southern English accent. He was wearing light blue jeans, a black hooded top and a pair of black and white Nike trainers.

Could this have been an isolated event? We’ve heard other of cases involving beatings and even murder for a BlackBerry phone. Lets hope once BlackBerry 10 releases it won’t increase these kind of crimes.

via Milton Keynes