China has become synonymous for exports of many counterfeit luxury items such as watches, handbags and more. Another industry counterfeit item apparently was a hot seller too: fake iPhones.

However, Beijing police recently put the brakes on a massive counterfeit iPhone operation in China. The factory apparently produced more than 41,000 fake iPhones worth as much as $19 million.

The factory was located in the northern outskirts of Beijing and was disguised as a gadget maintenance shop. The whole setup created and maintained by a married couple.

In January, the couple setup six assembly lines and hired hundreds of workers to repackage the counterfeit parts and legitimate iPhones.

Acting on a tip by U.S. authorities, who confiscated some of the counterfeit iPhones, the Beijing police raided the factory on May 14. Authorities seized 1,400 handsets and a large number of accessories.

Chinese officials have apparently taken a stronger action to enforce intellectual property rights in the region by pushing companies to apply for trademarks and patents and going after fake devices.

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