This video made my night yesterday evening. Mainly due to the statement it makes as a whole. So many early reviews of BlackBerry 10 make mention of a ‘steep learning curve’ in order to become comfortable navigating the OS. This video shows off a 2 year old named Cherry, with a very keen sense of how the OS flows and how to make it work for her.

BlackBerry 10 is an INTUITIVE operating system, it just takes some real world use to fall in love with how engaging and simple every OS interaction really is. It’s a testament to the refinement and inventiveness of the BlackBerry engineers and UI architects, as they’ve built a stupendously organized and easy to use mobile offering.

In the video you can catch Cherry checking in on BlackBerry Hub, waking the device from sleep, denying a call, navigating the Browser to watch Yo Gabba Gabba, and even opening, minimizing and closing active applications.

As a sidenote, I hear Miss Cherry is actually a QWERTY lover 😉


Let us know what you think of the video. I’m impressed!

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