In the beginning of the BlackBerry 7 launch, we noticed a high volume of users experiencing bricked BlackBerry 7 devices. We even had our Verizon Wireless source state they were getting different refurbished units to swap out for users whose devices died. One analyst finds that 10 percent to 20 percent of the BlackBerry 7 smartphones brick right out of the box.

The analyst claims that BlackBerry 7 devices are experiencing “abnormally high levels of warranty returns” at Verizon Wireless. Sales reps tell MKM Partners Managing Director Michael Genovese that they advise customers to avoid the devices. Due to well over 10 percent, or possibly even as high as 20 percent, of new and refurbished BB7 models bricking right out of the box.

Have you or are you still experiencing issues with your BlackBerry 7 device(s)? It is sad to hear sales reps for Verizon Wireless state they’re not going to push BlackBerry 7 devices due to their allegedly high failure rate.

via LR Mobile