After the release of the Twitter for BlackBerry 10 update earlier today,  BlackBerry pushed an update for their Beta Zone app. This is where you can find all the latest beta version of applications before they get released. Some of the apps currently in Beta Zone are WhatsApp, Trapeez, Facebook and Mockit!, to name a few.

Change Log:

– Notifications                

  • Notifications implemented for new Programs, Downloads and Surveys

Note: Notifications will be tested with BlackBerry beta programs to start. Functionality will be extended to 3rd Party Developer programs at a later date.

Discussions improvements

  • Infinite scrolling – more threads/ posts will load below as you scroll
  • You can now edit your own posts from the app * HUB notifications for new posts in categories/ threads you have subscribed to.

– Minor Bug Fixes

Check out the link below to download the Beta Zone app.

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 1.12.39 PM