The launch of the BlackBerry Z10 has exploded in India. “This is a game changer for BlackBerry and also for the industry. We are already running out of stock,” said Sunil Dutt, Managing Director of BlackBerry India.

BlackBerry has had to increase its device forecast by 40% for the region. “In a couple of markets where we launched first, about 45 per cent of people who bought BB10 device were unique customers who were using phones of some other brand,” saidDutt.

Dutt won’t be requiring a sales target his staff must meet. “Our own internal forecast has been beefed up for BB10 devices by about 40 per cent after seeing the response in other markets. By putting a sales target number, I would be limiting my team in India,” he said.

This coincides with how the sales of the BlackBerry Z10 have been throughout Canada and the UK. It will surely be interesting to see how well the sales are met in the US market.

via BusinessLine