We’ve seen interesting articles before with customers getting charged outrageous bills for (mostly) a problem on their end. A Rogers Wireless customer recently received his wireless bill with an overage of 185.07 GB, which resulted in his monthly bill raking up to be $47,377.92. Here’s what the customer had to say about the matter:

“Just to clear some things up. I DID NOT use 180 GB worth of data. Rogers screwed up on their side. If I have not caught their mistake, I would’ve been screwed. They told me it should be fixed soon. But its been a couple days now, and it still remains the same… I record every word they say. I’m still attending post-secondary right now. My monthly bill is fixed at $50, with $47000, I can stick with this plan until I die and still carry over to my future children for another decent 20 years… As of right now. Yes. I will have to pay that amount. If Rogers does not fix this before my bill arrives, I am screwed.”

If you’re a Rogers customer, maybe take a second look at your bill to make sure there aren’t any erroneous charges. It will be interesting to see if this customer is stuck footing the bill that is nearly the price of a nice BMW.

via MobileSyrup