According to new rumors, the current 4G LTE development for BlackBerry has slowed to almost a standstill. The causes stem from the LTE chips costing too much for RIM, battery life is not to RIM’s standard with LTE chips, and the fact that LTE will only be in small, select areas.

RIM would appear to be on a venture at conquering the world by hitting every market with BlackBerrys, rather than targeting a niche market like LTE. However, RIM will still push out a 4G BlackBerry eventually. The BlackBerry Monaco and Montana are both said to be releasing, but they will not be 4G capable.

If these rumors are true, this will push BlackBerry behind and perhaps allow the competition, once again, to move forward. While it is debatable if some carriers have “4G”, we’re certain smartphone manufacturers will still jump on the great marketing bandwagon. We would hate to see the BlackBerry be the last to become 4G capable.

If RIM does not release a 4G BlackBerry until the end of 2011, or worse, beginning of 2012, do you think that would be bad for business? Or is it good that RIM is taking their time to get the performance of a BlackBerry coupled with that of LTE?

via Fudzilla